Marabou Minnow as tied by Matt Michels

Mount hook in vise. Start wrap in middle of shank and wrap toward the eye of the hook. Wrap back three or four wraps, then tie bead chain eyes on top of the shank using multiple figure 8’s and lots of thread. Your thread should be about even with the top of the bead. Leave the thread on the bend side of the bead chain.

Take one marabou feather and trim off the butt so that the feather is three times the shank length. Lay the clipped end right up against the bead chain, on top of the shank, and tie in wrapping all the way to the bend, then two wraps down the bend. Now clip four or five strands of flashabou at least twice the length of the marabou extending past the bend of the hook. Tie it in so that the flashabou goes down each side of the marabou.

Trim any excess so that it is the length of the marabou and even on both sides. Wrap back to where you tied in the marabou. Now clip a five-inch piece of chenille. Tie it in just behind the bead chain and on top of the marabou with three of four wraps. Hold the chenille straight back along the shank with medium tension and wrap the thread down to the tail.

Make three wraps of thread then wrap the thread back to the eye of the hook. Wrap the chenille forward, woolly bugger style, to the bead chain. Now for the tricky part. Wrap the chenille around the bead chain by wrapping it diagonally across the top. Wrap under the shank in front of the bead chain. Wrap back across the top of the bead chain diagonally towards the bend of the hook and down. Wrap under the bead chain diagonally towards the eye of the hook and up.

You should now be holding the chenille straight up. With your thread, make three or four wraps to tie in the chenille, and clip excess chenille. Make several wraps of thread to “clean up” the nose. Whip finish, trim, and add head cement.